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You can not wash trauma away with soap

Eva Michálková


You can not wash trauma away with soap

Seemingly paradoxical and confusing behavior and emotions are normal reactions to the traumatic experience. Do not judge, rather listen. Your reaction is important.

Whether it is silence, shouting, laughter or even insults, these are normal reactions to the abnormal situation of sexual violence. The key preconditions for the return of victims/survivors of sexual violence to normal life are precisely appropriate reactions of the surroundings and theirs close ones to their individual manifestations and sensitive communication from the first moment the victim confides with their experience.


Have you experienced or are you experiencing sexual violence (f.e. rape, sexual coercion, sexual harassment). Is anyone in your area experiencing it or has they experienced it? We are here for you. We offer counseling, information, and support for both victims/survivors of sexual violence and their closed ones.

You can also contact us via e-mail or chat. Find more about our services and contacts here: pomoc.profem.cz/en/

Artist and director: Denizcan Yuzgul

Screenplay: Janek Růžička

Producer: Lukáš Skalník a Adam Filus

Director: Denizcan Yuzgul

Animation: Lukáš Glaser a Radek Dočekal

Acting: Barbora Poláková, Jiří Zeman, Kateřina Pechová a Marta Kloučková

Music and sound: Bang studio Prague

Produced by: studio Eallin