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In the two-years long Erasmus + project, we were raising awareness about teen dating violence

Eva Michálková


In the two-years long Erasmus + project, we were raising awareness about teen dating violence

In the international project Love and Respect we focused on the topic of teen dating violence. We have focused on raising awaraness among youths about the violence, on increasing the competences of workers to work with this topic and generally on reducing the occurence of this phenomenon.

We focus on teen dating violence because most adults still think that youth violence is a non-existent problem, although our research shows that every third young Czech has experience with some form of violence in their intimate relationship.

The two-years long project was implemented with six other partners (organizations in Georgia, Armenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, and Austria) and was funded by the Erasmus + programme. Four key deliverables have been implemented within this project: (1) quantitative research, (2) social media and (3) Web platform, (4) Online quizzes.

Thanks to the project you can learn more about what is teen dating violence and how often do Czech youths experience it (to learn more - check out our shared web platform).

You can try out one of our quizzes and, for example, check whether you are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship.

On our Instagram, we published posts about relationships, love, communication, and violence, in order to increase awareness about this topic. Both professionals from proFem and partner organizations and youth themselves as peer workers were involved in the project.

The project was engaged both by professionals and workers of the Pros and other partner organizations and by young people themselves as volunteers and volunteers.

Are you interested in the topic and would you like to know more? Would you like to read more articles about teen dating violence or to see information from partner countries? Are you a teacher or youth worker and looking for information and materials on how to open this topic, how to discuss it with youths and how to incorporate the topic into the education? All this information can be found on the common website.

The Project Love & Respect (2017-2-CZ01-KA205-035734) was carried out from 2017 to 2019 and is funded through the Erasmus + European Union programme.