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Break the Silence: Collection of Papers

Eva Michálková


Break the Silence: Collection of Papers

On the October 24, 2019, we organized international conference in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. The conference focused on sexual violence, its impacts and possible solutions. Now you can read the conference collection of papers.

More than 120 experts from non-profit organizations working with victims, child protection services, public administration and students of relevant fields (social work, psychology) were among the attendees. Thanks to the conference, we managed to highlight not only the current pitfalls in detecting and investigating sexually motivated crime in both child and adult victims, but also the shortcomings in providing professional assistance.

Professionals who encounter victims of sexual violence in their work, shared their knowledge and expertise. Participants had the opportunity to listen to the presentations given by members of police, psychotherapists, attorney general and our proFem colleagues.

International guests included Jennifer Landhuis, who described the system of helping victims of sexual violence in the US, and Lisa Arntzen, who presented the Norwegian perspective of the impact of social support on healing and coping with the situation after sexual assault.

Read the conference collection of papers here.