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Our preparation for the very first comprehensive center for victims and survivors of sexual violence in Czechia are finalized, and this also means, that from 22nd of January 2024, we will be providing all our services on the new address.

From 22 January 2024 we will no longer be located at V Luhu 6, but at a new address: 1692/6 Břevnovská Street, Prague 6.

The entrance to the building is the same as the entrance to the Czech Post Office. Then continue up the stairs to the 1st floor.


Here you can find some important information:

What is PORT?

Comprehensive center for victims and survivors of sexual violence PORT is an innovative initiative and the first center of its kind in the Czech Republic offering a wide range of support services under one roof. In response to the critical gaps in the support system and the lack of care for victims of sexual violence, we are now coming up with this pioneering centre that will provide services to victims of sexual violence and sexual harassment, both those focused on their current and long-term needs. PORT's goal is to enhance the quality of care for victims, reduce the risk of retraumatization, and provide victims of violence with appropriate support for the healing process and coping with the trauma they have experienced. In doing so, PORT also seeks to contribute to the broader goal of improving social understanding and support for victims and survivors of sexual violence.

A fundamental principle of all PORT services is a sensitive approach to victims, respecting their individual needs and pace. Coping with the impact of trauma is not a one-size-fits-all process; it must always begin with an understanding and sensitive response to the needs and wishes of individual victims. Through PORT's services, we are fundamentally changing the way support to victims and survivors is provided.

In PORT, clients can find: social and legal counselling, psychotherapy, crisis support and crisis accommodation, STDs testing, forensic examination and interrogation room. Please note that our services are primarily provided in Czech language. We are able to provide some of the services in English, after prior appointment - please see the paragraph bellow (Are services available for English speakers). Our services are not available in any other languages at the moment. So if you do not speak Czech nor English, you would have to come with someone translating.

Who are the services for?

PORT Center services are available to anyone who has experienced or is experiencing sexual violence and is 16 years of age or older. Regardless of gender or gender identity. We work with the topic of sexual violence in its broad definition. It is not just rape, it is also sexual violence if someone touches or kisses you without your permission, if they force you to engage in (unpleasant) sexual practices, if a partner takes off a condom without your knowledge or consent, if they distribute intimate photos of you, etc. We do not have any programs for perpetrators or violent persons.

What does it look like in the PORT premises?


How do I get to PORT?

PORT can be found at Břevnovská 6, Prague 6. The nearest tram stop is U Kaštanu (trams 22 and 25). Enter through the entrance to the Post Office, take the stairs to the 1st floor and ring the bell. If the entrance to the building is locked (for example, outside the opening hours of the Post Office), ring the bell at the entrance and we will come to open the door for you.

Are the services available for English speakers?

We know, that the violence knows no boundaries and that everyone living in Czechia deserves support in their situation. We are doing our best to provide services to those who are not speaking Czech, or not quite fluently. However, to ensure the best possible quality of our services and support, we ask you to first write us on poradna@profem.cz. Please do describe, at least shortly, what your situation is and what kind of support you wish to receive - and we will do our best to connect you to our workers who speak English. You are also welcomed to negotiate with our worker the possibility of someone third translating - maybe you have someone close who speaks Czech well and is willing to help, or together we can search for available translating services. Either way, we'll do everything we can to make sure you're not alone in your situation. Please note, that we cannot ensure that our crisis help (without appointment), phone line or chat services are always available in English, therefore we advise you to write us an email on poradna@profem.cz

Our services are not available in any other languages at the moment. So if you do not speak Czech nor English, you would have to come with someone translating.

Is PORT wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, we have not been able to provide wheelchair access to the PORT building and premises. We are very sorry: there are stairs in the building without a platform/elevator. If this is the barrier for you to use our services in person, and if it is within our capacity, we can provide you with a field consultation (we will come to you within Prague and the Central Bohemian Region).


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