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VICO - Compensations for victims of GBV related crimes

Eva Michálková


VICO - Compensations for victims of GBV related crimes

We are starting new international project in collaboration with Bulgarian gender research foundation and PATENT from Hungary. In following two years we will join our efforts to contribute to the full exercise of the gender-based violence victims’ rights, especially the right to compensation.

Despite the transposition of Directives 2012/29/EU and Directive 2004/80/EC into the national legislation, courts in the CZ, BG and HU face difficulties in quantifying them and providing adequate compensation to gender-based violence victims. In practice, court decisions are often inconsistent, courts encounter difficulties in quantifying damages and do not understand the specific impact of GBV.

Therefore we have joined forces in the VICO project with partner organizations from Hungary (PATENT) and Bulgaria (BGRF) to contribute to ensuring the full exercise of the GBV victims’ rights, especially the right to compensation.

Based on national and international comparative analysis, examples of good (or promising) practice will be identified, which will be further discussed in meetings with relevant actors in the form of round tables. During these round tables, recommendations will be formulated and those recommendations and especially their implementation will be further advocated for. During the project, relevant professionals from the fields related to the project topic will be trained (including future professionals - students) 

Project implementation and activities will contribute to increased knowledge on the application of mentioned EC Directives in relation to compensations for GBV victims, improved cooperation among national authorities and NGOs, increased capacity of practitioners to address issues related to the rights of victims of crime and increased quality of the services provided by victim support CSOs and improved public awareness about victims’ rights.

In case of any suspected violation of the rights of marginalized groups or non-compliance with ethical principles, contact the Steering Committee members: Noa Nogradi (HU):; Eva Michálková (CZ):; Elena Triffonová (BG):;or the Ethical focal point Dana Pokorná (CZ):

Project is supported by the European union's program Justice (2014 - 2020) and is implemented from 01/01/2021 to 31/12/2022.