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Training in Georgia

Eva Michálková


Training in Georgia

From 10th to 15th of September, employees of our organisation and our volunteers participated in the Rustavi training camp in Georgia, as Ambassadors of Love and Respect project.

Training in Georgia is the first of the activities in the Ambassadors of Love & Respect sub-project.   Project coordinator, social worker and three volunteers from proFem participated in this project. In addition, partners from Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Austria and Spain also took part in this project. The aim of the training was mainly to train volunteers (ambassadors) to work with the social media, to familiarize them with the topic of youth violence, and to increase their competencies and skills to moderate facebook groups and work with instagram, which are the key activities of the Love and Respect project.

Volunteers spent  6 days in Georgia doing a variety of activities - lectures, workshops, presentations, and discussions - where they received countless pieces of information. Firstly, our project coordinator  held a seminar on the Love & Respect project, followed by workshops with information on how a healthy relationship looks and what is teen dating violence. Later, the volunteers were educated on peer education and ways of engaging in the prevention of violence in young people's relationships and, through examples, they practiced how to communicate with the victims of a partner violence. A social media workshop and creating of a campaign followed, and a trips to Tbilisi. In the end, the volunteers got to create campaign plans for individual teams, to separate the tasks and to plan the first documents.

Thanks to this training, volunteers have gained new knowledge about teen dating violence and country specifics, about the ways of educating  young people in this field, and about the use of social media for this purpose. The training helped the ambassadors to deepen their motivation to work on the project and strengthened our cooperation with foreign partner organizations.

The training was organized by our partner organization Sakhli (Georgia), and all the partner organizations were contributing during the training. ProFem organized a social worker workshop on working with young people with the experience of dating violence.

Author of the article: Andrea Hermanová