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Meeting in Barcelona

Ester Poláčková


Meeting in Barcelona

6-8 June was the third coordinating meeting of the International Love & Reason project this time with our Spanish partners in Barcelona.

As we have a year ahead of the project, we were waiting for a full program where we had to discuss all the already running activities, including the upcoming.

On the first day, we focused mainly on the results of comparative research, which focuses on partner violence among youth. The results of comparative research of all partner countries were personally presented by Ladislav Klika from Mindbridge.

The next day we went on the previous day and focused on research, where we focused on the strategy of spreading research in public. The Georgian organization Sakhli was the second block of the day, where the web platform was mainly working. We needed to fine-tune the database of European organizations, graphic design, library structure, and overall platform content. Since May, facebook groups have been working. Together with our partners, we shared our experience with the beginnings of this activity.

The last day was devoted mainly to the next activity of the project, namely the quiz. The brainstorming method focused on quiz topics, the visual side, and examples of questions. From colleagues from the United States, we were inspired by the already existing quizzes.

Following a joint agreement with partners, the next coordination meeting will take place at the end of October in Italy with partners from Montesca.