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Interdisciplinary teams meeting

Ester Poláčková


Interdisciplinary teams meeting

In April 2018, there was another meeting of interdisciplinary teams at our offices in Benešov, Beroun and Příbram.

The meeting on the 12th April took place in Benešov and on 19th April in Beroun. The 8th. interdisciplinary team meeting, 23.4, took place in Příbram.

The main topics of this year's first meeting were the topic "Alternate care in cases of domestic violence" and "Intercultural cooperation in silence". At the Branch in Příbram we also touched on the topic of "Continuing Partner Violence"

We were glad that all the meetings were attended by representatives and representatives of the social and legal protection department of children who could express their experience of alternate care during partner break-up. Psychologists from the Centres of Psychological and Social Counseling of the Central Bohemian Region shared with us our opinion on alternate care. Given that the assumption of alternate care is the ability of both parents to agree on the form of care, it is unnecessary to regulate this type of education in court. Which is one of the paradoxes for the prescribing of alternate care judgments. Again, the need to work with the entire family system was emphasized. Unfortunately, there are not enough services available in the Czech Republic for this type of work.

In the next topic, we have been dealing with confidentiality in interdisciplinary cooperation, when we have repeated the terms of communication about working with our clients. When outside the legal circumstances, when we can break the confidentiality, it can be broken only by the client's consent.

The meeting in Benešov was attended by representatives of the municipal authorities from Benešov and Vlašim, as well as representatives of Probation and Mediation Services and Citizens' Councils. The meeting in Beroun was attended by a psychologist of the already mentioned counseling, a representative of the city of Beroun, a state deputy, representatives of the state police and other representatives from non-profit organizations. In Příbram we discussed the OSPOD protests, the state police, the public prosecutor and representatives and associates of non-profit organizations.

In all the teams, we met with great participation and engagement in the debate, which we very much welcome. The next meeting will take place in autumn 2018.