Autumn meeting of interdisciplinary teams

Eva Michálková


Autumn meeting of interdisciplinary teams

On October 19, 2018, a meeting of the Interdisciplinary teams of the branches of the Intervention Center proFem (in Benešov, Beroun and Příbram) took place in the building of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Prague. Among the participants of the meetings, besides the staff members of the proFem organization, were also representatives of civic association CERPOS, Magdalena, Farní charity Beroun, PPI, Votice, OSPOD Benešov and Dobříš, Regional Directorate of the Police of the Central Bohemian Region, ACORUS, z.ú. and the Town Hall of Sedlcany. Interdisciplinary meetings are a great asset to all stakeholders. They lead to streamlining and improving the work of expert teams and are also a space for their mutual communication.

At the beginning of the meeting, proFem news was introduced, including a change in the position of social services director. The change happened in May this year and PhDr. Dana Pokorná filled this position. Additionally, the chat counseling time was changed, and now it works in the following days - Monday 9-12 and Wednesday 16-19hour. Afterwards, the participants of the meeting were informed about the projects implemented by proFem. In addition to the aforementioned chat consultancy, which has been running on since 1st of November last year, the international project Love and Respect, which aims to prevent partner violence in youth relationships, was also discussed. Part of the meeting was devoted to the presentation of the statistics of the Benešov, Beroun and Příbram intervention centers.

Another issue was the use of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA) methodological recommendation No. 3/2010 on the procedure of the bodies of social and legal protection of children in cases of domestic violence in current practice. Within this, the role of the OSPOD organs in dealing with cases of domestic violence was discussed.

During the meeting, there was also a debate about the frequency of domestic and sexual violence cases, where the offense ends in a court conviction. The state of expert appraisal practice in cases of domestic and sexual violence - statistics, opinion of experts, reasons for gaining expert knowledge and other related areas was also presented. At the conclusion of the proFem staff, several case studies of Benešov, Beroun and Příbram intervention centers were presented.

The next meeting of the interdisciplinary team is planned for the spring of 2019.