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Volunteering / Internship

Petra, who spent 5 months in proFem as an Erasmus + intern, evaluates her experience:

"I really enjoyed my internship and I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone. The employees of the organisation are all very knowledgeable and  experienced so I learned a lot from them. They are very lovely people  and most of them speaks fluent English so the work atmosphere was really comfortable  and enjoyable for me. The organisation is also very flexible so I could choose my working days and hours. My mentor and the other employees always tried to give me  tasks that would be beneficial to me and that would help me develop my skills,  as well as giving me enough support and guidance in completing those tasks. They also gave me some theoretical knowledge useful for my job field as well as shared their own professional experience."

Katie, who spent 3 months in proFem as a part of her University internship, evaluates her experience:

"My internship at proFem focused on macro-level advocacy and awareness-raising in the Czech Republic on gender-based violence against women. I utilized social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to get their message across to women and teens while also partaking in events in Prague held by proFem, the American Center, and other NGO's. I also took part in team collaboration with other Erasmus+ partner organizations, Fulbright scholars and American expatriates living in Prague to raise awareness for violence against women and teens."